View Full Version : H+ Four hours of free Sci-fi. Looks interesting

Mr John
22-01-2013, 08:51 AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLE6A2F3ACDDA10C28&v=ZedLgAF9aEg&featur e=player_embedded

Blurb from Gizmodo

Bryan Singerís incredible web series, H+ finally wrapped up after 48 amazing episodes over the weekend. Now you can watch it from start-to-finish here on Gizmodo.

For those who donít remember what H+ is all about, hereís a refresher: it tells the story of a world where humans have implanted themselves with a revolutionary new device known as the H+ Nano, which augments your body and allows you to interact with the world and the internet in a way that sees the screen overlaid on your eyes. Adoption is massive, so what happens when a hyper-connected humanity goes offline?
Each episode is only a few minutes long, and the full series will take you just under four hours to get through.

I've watched about 9 EPs so far and am enjoying it.