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18-05-2006, 05:56 PM
got sent this as a forward and having looked at it, I'm wondering if the website is some kind of scam to associate ip's with adresses for marketing purposes or something? or am I just being paranoid... :ph34r:

thought I'd see what you thought.

This site is a "spinout" and quite scary to see how easy it was to find

out the numbers of my neighbours numbers. Read below first.

The web site below was brought to my attention today.

This is the site that has caused so much controversy recently.

They still can't track down where the site has come from, who is behind


-there is no trace to the site, no domain and they can't shut it down


present as they can't trace where it's coming from. It looks like it's

using a whitepages "Sensis" database.

Anyways, just type in your street name (don't enter drive, street etc -

just name) and postcode and see what happens! Don't enter your name or

phone number.

Thought you can protect your privacy? Think again! pretty scary!

Anyways, want to know the names and phone numbers of every single


living in your street?

(don't know about the tasteless name of the website though!??!)


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