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24-11-2016, 01:51 PM
Dainese Air-Tex Frame jacket. Size 54. Includes zip in windproof liner for cooler mornings/evenings.

I bought this mesh Dainese textile jacket for the summer months but due to doing a lot of weight training it is just a bit too snug on my forearms.

I have worn it on two 5 minute runs around the block. There are no bugs, marks or anything on the jacket-tags are still there as you can see from the pictures.

To give an indication on size I am 187cm tall, 92kg with a 112cm (44 inch) chest.

This jacket retailed at $349 from Cully's Yamaha. Cheapest I can find it online is $249 posted and that is for tiny/huge sizes.

I would like $195 as it is brand new but am open to sensible offers. I work nights so please PM me and I will reply as soon as I can.
http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx314/AFAD-photos/image.jpg (http://s767.photobucket.com/user/AFAD-photos/media/image.jpg.html)
http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx314/AFAD-photos/image.jpeg (http://s767.photobucket.com/user/AFAD-photos/media/image.jpeg.html)
http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx314/AFAD-photos/image_1.jpeg (http://s767.photobucket.com/user/AFAD-photos/media/image_1.jpeg.html)
http://i767.photobucket.com/albums/xx314/AFAD-photos/image_2.jpeg (http://s767.photobucket.com/user/AFAD-photos/media/image_2.jpeg.html)

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