View Full Version : Email from Gazza

19-10-2004, 04:29 PM
Gaz pinged me today - no real surprises:

I guess you know I'm riding the Aprilia for the last three races of the MotoGP calendar.

I feel very good doing that but it doesn't mean that I'm coming back to this category next year. Unfortunately for me the politics in MotoGP don't let me get a good bike. At the moment the teams are more looking for riders that bring sponsors and money to the team, so it gives me a tiny chance to get a good bike for 2005.

At the moment I have my head in the SBK. I have enjoyed with the NCR team and I have learnt all the tracks that we are racing so I think It would be a waist of time not to give me a chance to win the championship.

The SBK world is very different to the GP because they don't look for riders bringing money to the team.
They look for good riders that can win races.

Well, very soon I will let you know which team I'm going to be for the 2005 season. I hope to have your support again this coming year.

Garry McCoy