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30-07-2005, 06:04 PM
cheers to denizen from SA

(not my bike) editing to be more specific: Not my bike, i saw this on a Concours forum. Our hero in this story is a regular there.

Here's the story:

Fortunately I wasn't on it at the time...

I got home from a pleasant ride around PA & MD with Russell and crew
about 5:45, Just in time to catch the end of the MotoGP race. We had
some neighbors coming over for a BBQ, so I was looking foward to a few
beers after a good day on the road. Parked the bike the left of where
I'd normally park it (to make room for the grill), and just to the right
of where the car normally parks. I don't normally park in this spot...
main reason being that if the bike ever tipped over to the right...
well, there's a staircase right there.

Bet you can't guess what happens next? My wife's not home yet but knew
she wasn't far behind as I'd waved to her driving down Georgia ave. I
didn't wait for her, went inside to catch the GP (I should have known it
was a bad omen when I found the cable was down). A few minutes later My
Le's at the door, freaking out yelling at me to come quick...

Her driving skills have never been the best, but she's outdone herself
this time... I have to take some blame, having not parked in the usual
spot... but really, anyone driving with their eyes open would have seen
the connie and been able to avoid it. Sigh...

So today I'm still traumatized and looking for a tow truck to haul the
connie out of her hole. Repairs will be an insurance job, and quite
apart from the financial implications it means I'll miss the Boyer ride
next weekend. It's hard to tell just how much damage while she's still
in the hole, but doesn't look too bad from what I can see. I got the
tank and seat (and leaking battery) out of there, and they were pretty
well untouched.

The next thing seems to be to get it to a dealer to get a quote. The
question is (and I'm sure some of you have been through this before), if
I have the dealer order the parts, can I install them myself, and if so
how does that work out with the insurance company? Will they pay me to
do my own installation? Or does it depend on the company (State Farm in
this case)?

The other question is... if I have to get a dealer to do it, what's a
good one around DC?

I don't even know how i'd handle something like that. That's a 600lb bike too, bitch must've hit it hard.

More pictures:


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NOW thats a burnoutnut moment :D

30-07-2005, 07:04 PM
i would have killed her!
hearts and blunt spoons come to mind!!!

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Originally posted by burnoutnut@Jul 30 2005, 06:56 PM
NOW thats a burnoutnut moment :D


why, have you left the Zed upside down in a hole lately??? :P

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Honey im home!!!! :D


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If breathing wasn't an automatic function,
I rekon it would solve a lot of societies problems.

Get rid of the really stupid ppl.

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Originally posted by burnoutnut@Jul 30 2005, 06:56 PM
NOW thats a burnoutnut moment :D


Yep, you were the first guy I thought of when I seen the pic :lol: :lol:

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All u can say is that i hope that woman can cook and clean real good... :P

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Originally posted by Hudo@Jul 31 2005, 11:13 AM
All u can say is that i hope that woman can cook and clean real good... :P

And she'd wanna be able to suck a golf ball through a hose to get away with that.