View Full Version : For Sale **SOLD** Official YAMAHA branded Joe Rocket summer jacket

15-01-2010, 09:24 AM
Strike 2 for me means an easy deal for you.

I have just bought a summer jacket for myself as a summer jacket but it is too big again so i am looking to pass it on.

Size is Medium - equates to 40-42 inches or size US40/42

Cost - $250

Venting is top notch - each arm, top of shoulders and 2 rear vents on back plus it has a removable thermal liner. Normal CE (level 1 I think) protection on shoulders and forearms plus a back protector pocket filled with a back protector that looks far better than any other I have seen in any Alpinestar etc jacket.

Every review i have read has said that it looks much better on a person than in any photo.

I will try to attach photos.

PM me if your interested to arrange a time to come and have a look, just not tonight as i am busy :)

20-01-2010, 02:45 PM

Thanks Nickerz for the chat mate.

It's a small Perth after all!