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  1. 1974 850 interstate
  2. What year is your commando?
  3. yeah greg burnt me a copy and it is great. i've just picked up all the parts ive been waiting on and if i get enough time hope to have it all together this week. ill be shouting from the rooftops when its back on the road.
  4. Gday mate, sorry I didnt get bacl to you I'm pretty new to the forum and can log on and not check for msg. I beleive you got a copy from Greg? If not Im happy to lend you a copy. Sorry for the delay

    Its great to see a few Commandos popping up. Looking forward to meweting you on a ride.

  5. hello MIK. I was reading back over the commando thread and see that you have a dvd on gearbox rebuilds. I would really like to have a look at that some time coz i'm halfway thru mine at the mo and am a bit stuck. i've never done one before and im flying blind.
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