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  1. I knowww!! It's so good. And I see you have all your bike stuff sorted as well - I'm hoping to make the LNR next Thurs but it's my cousin's birthday, he hasn't said he's doing anything yet but tradition would suggest we'll be going out to dinner somewhere. Fingers crossed, I want to dress up in green for the ride for St Patrick's Day!
  2. Yay that it's fixed!!!!! Hopefully see you soon. As they say in the future Simpsons - Smell ya later
  3. Whoops! I knew that, meant to say Tuesday... did ring today, apparently he's waiting on my new ignition barrel to arrive so he can start it. Through gritted teeth I reminded him he managed to start it perfectly last week by bypassing the ignition. I also reminded him that this is now the FOURTH week he has had the bike, to which he replied "oh, really? That long? Hmmm" x_x *hulkrage* but if I pull out and go to another mechanic, it's still going to take a while so I'm trying to be patient. Totally over it though!
  4. Monday's a public holiday, sparky I might be out of the LNRs for a while, the bike isn't running 100% so I'll wait until the new go fast gear is all set up. A shame, I was enjoying them a lot!
  5. Holiday was awesome! Kinda wish I was back there already though! And nothing is really 'wrong' with my bike as such - it's just running too rich, keeps fouling the plugs. Plus I'm fairly sure the carbs need a balance as well. Why it's taking over 3 weeks is beyond me. I'm going to ring Monday and find out how long it will take - if it won't be ready by next Friday (latest!) I'm going to go bananas on his arse and take my bike elsewhere. Here's hoping there'll be no need! :mellow: coming Tues night?
  6. Welcome back kiddo! Hope you enjoyed your trip? I'll be back, noisier than ever, just as soon as I can. Sucks to hear about your bike, if I can help let me know.
  7. LNR was missing a very distinctive 'briiinnnng, brrriinnnng' last night! How's your project bike coming along? My CBR is still at the mechanics - turns out he didn't even work on it the 2 weeks I was away! Spewing
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