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  1. Sorry!
    I just read my emails.. Thankyou for your reply!
    I'll delete this post one I'm back on a working computer... The phone won't let me delete anything..

    Thanks again!
  2. Hey Dubs, realllllly sorry I might sound forward or rude..
    It's just that I've tried to reply to every 'Contact Us' link, and some of the threads that you important people have made, so I was hoping one of you'd see my question.. But I haven't gotten one reply.. And I'm waiting on 2 x PSB stickers which I bought a fair few weeks ago.. And they didn't come with my other items, so all I'm wanting to know is if they're actually still going to be sent.. Or are people trying to avois me?

    Anyway, if you read this, then thank you.. Sorry again to sound a bit forward.

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