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  1. Hey Sheridan, any ideas where I can find spoked wheels with no brakes, ala choppers etc? Need it for a competition machine.

    Cheers mate
  2. No shit? Didn't know they still made the T-Bird by then...what is it, 650cc with a single carb?
  3. It's a 66 Thunderbird actually. I hope you score that bike, sounds very cool
  4. Cool! Thanks for that. Hey, your mate who was the Triumph, is that a Daytona, Bonneville or TR6? Might be getting a '70 TR6R
  5. Best bet is to first find a girder that you like, either and old one from a BSA or something from a swap meet, or one of the many new ones on the market (eg The Girder - Spitfire Motorcycles)

    Then once you know the dimension of the stem in it, you can either swap out the neck on your frame to one that suits the girder or start trying to find/make bearing and cups for the neck to suit. Could be a bit of playing around but definitely possible.

    Maybe talk to Brett at HMVK about it, he's got a girder on a little BSA inside the workshop.
  6. Hey Sheridan,

    Was gonna ask you at the show today but couldn't find you before I headed off; do you know of anyone or any places that do girder fork conversions? Would love to do one for a planned build of mine in a year or so.


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