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Advertising and Promoting Products on PSB

IF YOU ARE CARRYING OUT AN ENTERPRISE (PSB) is a website that is provided to foster communication and social interaction amongst sports motorcycle owners enthusiasts located in Perth Western Australia.

PSB cost a substantial sum each month to provide bandwidth and services for the visitors to the forum.

To recuperate some of these costs, PSB allows advertising to be displayed on the forum and also asks that any registered user that is carrying out an Enterprise and is using PSB to promote their product for monetary gain, becomes a Corporate Sponsor.

The cost of becoming a Corporate Sponsor is currently only $0.70 per day ($250 per annum) which is a small price to pay for exposure to our 37,000+ members.

Further detailed information about the benefits of Corporate Sponsorship, and details of how to become a sponsor, can be found by CLICKING HERE..

If you are benefiting from promoting your product or offering in PSB in some way (directly or indirectly), do the right thing and help support us to make the services that we provide our community even better!

If in our sole opinion we consider you to be promoting an Enterprise and you are not a Corporate Sponsor, then we may delete or amend your post in order to protect the interests of those parties who are Corporate Sponsors.

Surreptitious or covert attempts to advertise on PSB by placing your advertising watermark on an image that you post on PSB (such as photography business or photographers for hire posting images) will not be appreciated and you will be required to acquire a corporate sponsorship package or your images may be removed.


If you are a registered user of PSB and are including advertising banners or links (that comply with normal PSB posting, avatar, and signature rules) in your posts, and these suppliers or providers you promote or link to are parties that support you or sponsor you in a personal capacity only (IE you are not carrying on an enterprise), then we have no objection to this form of advertising. If, in the view of the PSB Moderators and Staff you are seen to be abusing this privilege, your post, signature, or avatar may be amended or deleted without reference to you.


If you would like to advertise directly on PSB by way of banner advertising, or promoting to our membership database, please email

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