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Is Lane Splitting Legal?

Is Lane Splitting Legal?

Melkor and Deej have covered this many times.

Lane splitting is both legal and illegal.

If vehicles are stationary than you can overtake on any side.

If vehicles are moving than you can only overtake on the right hand side of a vehicle in your lane.

If you overtake in the left then it becomes an illegal overtaking manouvere.

You must also indicate whenever changing lanes and give 'sufficient' signal to notify the other road users of your intention.

In no circumstances can you cross the continuous white line on a road. Used to be just at intersections but it is now wherever it is painted ie freeway exits, intersections, sides of the road and painted islands.

You cannot overtake on double continous lines but you can turn right and do uturns.

If your gonna lane split, use common sense, travel a a safe speed and don't cause any interference to other traffic because if you do then the whole process becomes an illegal action.


Thinking of going on an organised ride?

Thinking of going on an organised ride?

Motorcycles are dangerous. Riding one could cause you to break a nail, get seriously injured, really fucked up or killed. You are responsible for your own safety and those around you.

Nobody within the community accepts responsibly for any injury or damage that you or your motorbike may incur by participating in rides associated with this community.

Do not ride outside your comfort zone to try and keep up with riders who may have better skills or a faster bike than you. Everyone will wait for you at the next rally point.

People will have more respect for the rider who is riding within their limits rather than the rider who is demonstrating that they are clearly out of their depth.

The PSB Community recommend that you undertake subsequent rider training after you have attained your licence. Rider training will provide you with skills and awareness that are invaluable on the road. The skills you learn will save your bike, your skin and your life.

Always wear safety equipment when riding. Ride responsibly, ride to your limits, ride within your bikes limits and obey the law in your applicable area *coff*.

Ride at your own risk.


1) If you bust your shit up, its your problem.

2) If you bust someone elses shit up, it is your problem.

3) If someone else busts their shit up, its their problem.

4) Do not ride unless you have a MINIMUM of 3rd party property insurance (no doofus, this is not the same as the ‘personal injury insurance’ you get with your rego).

5) Do not ride if you are riding out of class as you are not insured even if you do have insurance.

6) If you ride uninsured and/or out of class you are a retard and YOU become EVERYONE’S problem.

WTF is Vinny?

Vinny is a Vespa scooter owned by forum admin and founder Deej. Affectionately known as Vinny the 3rd (being the 3rd Vespa called Vinny that Deej has owned), it is will know PSB lore that you don’t take the piss out of Vinny otherwise you get on Deej’s Shit List.

Why is the Sky Blue?

Why is the Sky Blue?

Light is made up of electromagnetic waves.

The distance between 2 crests in this wave is called the wavelength.

White light contains all the colors of the rainbow.

The amount of light scattered for any given colour depends on the wavelength of that colour.

All the colors in white light have different wavelengths.

Red light has the longest wavelength.

The wavelength of blue light is about half that of red light.

This difference in wavelength causes blue light to be scattered nearly ten times more than red light. Lord Rayleigh studied this phenomena in detail. It is caused the Tyndall effect or Rayleigh scattering.

Lord Rayleigh also calculated that even without smoke and dust in the atmosphere, the oxygen and nitrogen molecules would still cause the sky to appear blue because of scattering.

When blue light waves try to go straight through an oxygen and nitrogen molecules, its light is scattered in all directions because of this collision.

This scattered blue light is what makes the sky blue.

All other colors (with longer wavelengths than blue light) are scattered too.

Blue light's short wavelength causes it to be scattered the most.

(The shorther the wavelength of the color, the more that color gets scattered by the atmosphere)

Actually, violet has the shortest wavelength of all colors. Violet is scattered even more than blue light. However, our eyes are much more sensitive to see blue than violet, therefore we see the sky as blue.

Very little visible light is absorbed by the atmosphere.

What is a Clowns Shoe?

What is a Clowns Shoe?

Every November nominations open for the annual presentation of the Clowns Shoes Award.

The Clowns Shoes Award exists to recognise those people that have surpassed our expectations in being a Clowns Shoe.

In recognition of their status, an award will be presented to the winning candidate after a members vote for the nominees by way of a forum poll in December.

The honour board of Shoes wearers appears below. These people have proved themselves to be Shoesworthy subjects at some stage. Who will it be this year?

If you consider a Forum member to be Shoesworthy, please remember the event and wait for the nomination period in November.

Nominations will be open for 5 days, once received, we will put it to a vote over a 7 day period, the winner naturally being the recipient of the prestigious Clowns Shoes Tag and Avatar until their Shoesness is surpassed by another the following year.


2003 Spike
2004 Spike
2005 Resist
2006 Resist
2007 Semi
2008 ?????

Multiple Accounts (Fakeys). If you do this you will be banned.

Personally I like Fakeys. The saline filled bi-lateral augmentation type that is.

What I don’t like is retarded type of Fakey. The ones that register multiple accounts so that they can hide behind a fake façade and pretend to be someone they are not.

The reasons some people do this is usually to try and flame someone anonymously, or to satisfy their schizophrenic urges. Apart from the fact that people that do this have no gonads, they breach the trust of every one of us with their deceit as well as create unnecessary work for the Moderators who keep this site running for you all to use and enjoy.

So, boys and girls, please take note that if anyone is found to register a Fakey on this Forum they will have ALL their accounts banned. It dusn matter who you are or how biga minger you can do.

And yes, you will be found out. [the following line to be said in a scarey wisper] The Admin and Moderators see things!


PS: If you have registered a multiple account in error (like what happen sometimes when you try to register on this Forum with a fake email address and then realise you need a real one) then please let me know so that I can delete the accounts made in error. For this, you get no bitch slappin so long as u PM me and let me know asap. Ta.

What is a Section 60?

The WA Police Service is proud to support the 'Section 60 Award'.

The prestigious "Section 60 Award" will be presented each year to the most worthy.

The Section 60 Award is an annual award presented to the person who in a 12 month period (1 December to 30 November) has been charged, convicted or acquitted of the most impressive Section 60 incident under the Road Traffic Act.

Nominations will take place by way of Forum nominations and then voted on by way of a Poll for all forum users to vote on with the award presented at the PSB Xmas party in December.

If you know a forum user who has been charged, convicted or acquitted of a Reckless driving charge from 1 December 2005 to 30 November, please cut and past the following and complete the details:

I Nominate: ________________
I Nominate them for the following circumstances:

When detailing the events that led to nomination, please be as descriptive and entertaining as possible to ensure we all have the opportunity to have a laff at the nominee's expense.


2004 Deej

2005 Resist

2006 Pacman

2007 Award Pending 2008 ???

Please note, PSB do not condone riding that would bring about a charge under the Road Traffic Act. We only wish to take the piss out of those who have done so to punish them and educate them so they don't do it again. PSB are strong believers that Wheelies are Bad mmm k?

The PSB Dildo Award

The PSB Dildo Award is presented to the person, who over the course of one year out performed all others in the great Australian tradition of being a wanker.

The winner of this particular award must have done something so incredibly stupid and dangerous that it leaves no doubt in peoples minds that the person involved is indeed, a moron.

So far this, most dubious of awards has only been won once and we hope that it stays that way because presenting a 16 inch black Dildo to the winner is not as much fun as it sounds.

2006 Winner: Byte

Can I ride out of class?

"If you get caught riding out of class Satan will rain down your skull and dissolve your testicles and turn your guts into snakes." (Maxo et al, 17-12-2007, 10:48 PM)

If you are retarded enough to ride out of class please contact either Chief Wiggum or Rich for your pineapple.

You will not be allowed to ride in a group ride if you are known to be riding out of class, you are uninsurable if you are.

Thinking of selling a bike privately? BE WARNED

Be warned, it is a common MO amongst motorbike thieves to test ride a bike that is advertised for sale, they hand over a fake DL, or a credit card or their car keys as security, and end up leaving the stolen car, fake keys, or the credit card that didn’t belong to the perp in the first place behind. They leave on your bike never to be seen again.

The second most common occurrence is someone test riding a bike, and when they are at the sellers house they check out what sort of storage and security the bike has, and then come back to steal it later the old fashioned way at a later date “yoink”!


The safest way to sell your bike is to a licensed dealer or someone you know personally… obviously. But the issue is that the majority of people selling bikes want to get top dollar. This is understandable but you will bear the additional risk of dealing with the bike in this way. So therefore if you ABOLSULTY MUST sell the bike privately then you should consider doing the tips below which will not guarantee something bad happening, but it might mitigate the risk to an acceptable level:

1) When people contact you to arrange inspection of the advertised bike, meet them at a location that is not a location where the bike is normally housed, EG: Friends house, parents house, or the local BP Servo…. Right under the security camera.

2) When people call advise and disclose to them that “I am happy for you to come and visually/mechanically check the bike, but I will not be allowing test rides until such time as you (the buyer) have satisfied yourself that this is the bike you want, we have agreed on a price, and subject to a test ride the deal is done”. If the buyer says “but I wont know if I like the bike until I test ride it”, you can suggest that “it rides just like [insert make and model here] and perhaps you could satisfy yourself as to how that is by riding a dealers bike of the same vintage”.

3) If once you have agreed on a price, the buyer is happy with their visual inspection, and are satisfied and have agreed that subject to the test ride, the deal is done, have the buyer attend the test ride armed with 100 points of ID, just like the banks require. A current drivers license with photograph, a passport, a credit card in the same name, and a copy of a rates notice with their current address on it (which matches the other info provided).

4) Naturally make sure the lisense has an ‘R” class (or RE for <=250) on it.

5) On the day of the test ride hold this information, make a note of names, numbers, addressed etc whilst they are on the ride (or photocopy/scan if u have those facilities handy) and do not return it until they return with the bike....intact.

6) Set guidelines to the buyer as to what you will allow him to do on the bike and what you will not allow (IE: no breaking the law, speeding, fast corners, mingers, etc, and set a maximum time limit). Have a fellow PSB’r mate who has an above average set of riding skills and a equally capable bike attend the ride, and chaperone/follow the test rider just like a motorbike instructor and his student.

7) Leave only sufficient fuel in the bike to enable the bike to travel only a short distance in case they DO try to do a runner.

It sounds like allot of effort and an inconvenience to the prospective buyers but actually it is not. Firstly it shows prospective buyers that you are a serious seller, it qualifies the buyer and almost immediately removes time wasters and tire kickers. Most importantly thieves will phone the next guy who is an easier target. It is only the illegitimate buyer that will have a bit issue with your demands.

If, the prospective buyer wants you to ride the bike with the buyer as pillion for whatever reason such as they are not licensed in the relevant class, you wont be insured (see below) etc, then fine, but ensure again that you have your PSB’r mate follow on their bike either covertly or overtly just in case you are wrestled off your bike when stationary (not a hard thing to do when sitting directly behind someone).


Check your insurance policy. Most motorbike policies have an express condition that states that your motorbike WILL NOT BE INSURED if there is damage or theft as a result of your bike being test ridden for sale. For this very reason alone, no matter what you to do reduce the risk of something happening, if someone stacks your bike on a test ride, you will NOT be insured and it will be up to you to attempt to legally recover damages from the rider.

Good luck!


The Worlds Fastest Admin?

Coming to a movie theatre near you.

The Worlds Fastest Admin

Ummm dare i ask, WTF is "CAD's mum"?

CAD is an early member of PSB.

There was a stage in the early days of the forum were there was some light hearted banter going back n forth between CAD and others and a few of the 'yo mumma' responses started. CAD commented on how his mum was a slut (jokingly) but yet everyone latched onto it and CAD never defended her, only ever agreeing that she was someone you would normally find as a guest on Jerry Springer.

So CAD's mum kinda became a piss take institution and all PSBers used her to describe anything that you wanted to say was rank, dirty, or loose. EG: “Man...had some spare time and tightened my chain today, havnt done it in so long, it was looser than CAD's mumma!”.

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