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What is a 'PSB Supporter'?

What is a 'PSB Supporter'?

The PSB Support program is back!

By popular demand, pressure, & nordy name calling, the PSB Supporter Program is Back, and here are the details:

Become a PSB Supporter

The PSB Supporter Program gives PSB users to opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the running cost of PSB.

The PSB’s running costs include items such as the cost of providing modern computer server hardware, hosting & bandwidth costs, forum licenses, promotions, prizes and giveaways.

These costs are privately funded, so the PSB Supporter Program gives you the opportunity to support the forum which you enjoy by contributing as little as 5 cents per day towards these costs.

How do you become a PSB Supporter?
  1. Click on the "Support PSB" link in the menu bar.

What is PSB-Live?

PSB-Live is a special feature of PSB which is only available for registered users who have supported PSB financially by purchasing a Supporter Subscription.

PSB-Live is a web page that displays all posts that are made on PSB the instant they are made (dynamically) without the need to refresh your web browser to view new posts on a static page.

PSB-Live displays the posts in time order, most recent on top. Several lines of the actual post are shown along with the subject, the author, the time & date of posting, and the section that the post was made.

Information Example:

There is no faster or more efficient way of keeping up to date with PSB then with PSB-Live. No longer do you have to click the ‘refresh’ or ‘view new posts’ button to be absolutely current with PSB happenings.

Get access to PSB-Live instantly by purchasing a Subscription and supporting PSB. CLICK HERE for details.

To view a screenshot of PSB-Live, CLICK HERE. But remember, this example is only a static screenshot of PSB-Live and will not demonstrate the effectiveness of dynamic nature of this excellent feature.

Tapatalk iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android, & Nokia

Tapatalk is an forum app that works on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia. The app provides super fast access to PSB (and other forums that have the appropriate plugin). The app is $2.99 (none of which goes to PSB).


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