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Cullys are outstanding. Every time I'm in there all of the staff are helpful and never pushy. I just bought a bike from them and they were nothing but helpful, knowledgeable, and generous with the demo bikes. Just ring ahead and let them know what you want to ride and that you need a shadow (or maybe bring your own, not sure their position on that, just ask). Other than that just turn up when you said you would. As you can imagine, Saturdays are hectic so don't leave them hangin.

I've not had many dealings with the other shops lately but Jade at Causeway Kawi is a top bloke.
Similar, bought mine from Cully's a few months ago and Ben was great to deal with - did everything over the phone and was seamless.

Causeway Kawasaki has always been good to me too whenever I've been there.

In general I find motorcycle and accessory shops are far better than car ones.