I'm just here as a walk-in new member... I;m looking for information of trikes in West Oz.

I have plans to move back to WA (from the UK) in April 2019. I will be (hopefully) buying a trike after I arrive but I want to get info and option in my mind sorted out now.

I like the looks of

But he's in Qld - that's not an issue to buy and get shipped here... but any warranty work? Problem.

I've read up on the Harley Freewheeler but that Mily8 engine is a nightmare - roll a 6 sider die... got a 1 or a 2 = your gonna have a shit time with sumping, roll a 3 or 4 = fluid migration problems, 5 or 6 = you'll be fine. Oh wait... you rolled a 1 to 4 and you have even a tiny little mod on your bike? Tough, it invalidates the HD warranty.

Next idea... Indian Chieftain or Honda Goldwing conversion... Not a bad idea, the Indian is a "1 or 2 = 'clunking' issues", the Goldwing is "Holy shit, HOW much???" (about $70 000 bike+trike package)

So... custom built? 1900 VW or 2240 VW... Hmmm... but how much, and can it be WA made?

No one's answered my emails of ballpark prices (yeah, I understand the choices of "custom" matter... but surely a +/- $5000 ballpark can be made?)

And the only WA maker I can find, while sounding genuine and helpful, he only does the "bike to trike" things.

Damn... all i really want is somethign like that photo up there... for about $45 000 to $50 000 -- is that too stupid a price and too dumb an ask?