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Thread: Electric bikes are coming to take over

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    I think a lot of people who are just commuters could go down the electric bike path.

    Stealth bomber is nuts and can do up to 80km/hr. How hard really is it really for the gov to make a customised rego plate, some led blinkers and lights for electric bikes. Mount and away ya go.

    Put out some decent paths and hey presto, less congestion, less smog and get fit. You still peddle while doing jumps and wheelies with ease on your way to work!

    By the way when I was at curtin last year I started riding my pushie and would get there in as much time as takin the bus. Curtin has some pretty good lockups for bikes and showers as well. No competition with the motorbike and splitting in regards to time but if I could ride an electric bike at 80km/hr and get a recharge then it would equal out. No more than 70km/hr maximum the whole trip

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