I'm looking to move onto a bike that's more my physical size for commuting (I'm 6 ft 2), so to put it right out there upfront I am extremely interested in trades, possibly with cash either way depending on the circumstances. As for cash only sale, I'd be looking around the $4250 mark. Not in any particular hurry.

So heres a bit of a run down.

The good:

Over-serviced history, I keep a detailed excel spreadsheet of everything I do to the bike, some cliff notes;
  • Current kms 23,500 plus some spare change, as I currently commute on it
  • Oil changes every ~3k kms
  • Chain and sprox ~4k kms old with religious cleaning and lubing
  • Front brake rotor, EBC HH pads and fluid ~2500kms old

Upgrades including but not limited to;
  • Radiator guard
  • Touring windshield
  • Tail tidy
  • bar end mirrors
  • crash bars and knobs fitted
  • crash knobs on forks and swingarm
  • Airbox mod + DNA R-KT1SM11-01
  • pickup spools
  • 2015 77 degree throttle tube (stock is 88 degrees)
  • Anodised oil filter cover
  • Anodised brake reservoir cover front+rear
  • gutted catalytic converter painted stock slip on
  • Dyno Tune @ Corse motorcycles 42.1hp
  • CLSA H4 LED + angel eye and LED city light
  • Powerparts graphics kit - haven't seen another like it in the wild
  • Nautilus Stebel horn
  • Flat Renthal fatbar
  • KTM powerparts ego rider seat

The bad:

1 stationary rhs 'slow' drop but has crash bars that took it all so slightly chipped paint there.
Common airbox/crankcase overflow 'crack' that has been repaired with sikaflex, no longer leaks and you'd have to be looking for it.
Bike has been knocked over also at a work car park (2ish years ago) but was fully repaired under their insurance which was basically the whole rhs of the bike that had bugger all minor scratches.

Bike looks and rides great, it's a bloody hoot to ride. I've kept all the original parts as I replaced them plus have some other random stuff I've acquired that can be all yours like an extra front rim.

I'll probably keep editing this as I think of things along the way.