I've never been that keen on the clip-ons for my 749R, they aren't a bad brand for a Ducati (Fast by Ferracci) but are sorta from the wrong era, and would look more at home on something a bit earlier/older. So I picked up a couple of 500mm lengths of 22mm x 2mm wall thickness carbon tube a while back and recently found some bare 53mm Renthal clamps to suit the Ohlins forks.


500mm tube cut in half was perfect length for the bars:

Filled the clamped end with epoxy resin:

While waiting for that to cure I machined up some HDPE plugs:

Then just a case of wacking it together:

And installing them:

FYI, the old FBF clipons weighed 340gm each, the Renthal/carbon jobbies weigh 195gm, so total weight saving was 290gm, not far off 1/3 of a kg.

Cost? The 2 x carbon tubes (I still have one length spare) was $45USD delivered, the Renthal clamps were $105USD delivered, so $150USD all in (approx $200 AUD?).

The carbon is plenty strong, I can lift the front of the bike off the ground by one bar. They won't be as crash proof as an alloy bar (which would bend rather than break) but at approx $15/bar I'm not complaining.